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The Meritage -- 395 East Lake Road -- Penn Yan, NY 14527 


Our swimming area is shallow enough for kids and adults to enjoy, and the water reaches very comfortable temperatures during the summer.  Past the end of the dock, the water deepens.  You can dive in and cool off.  We urge all of our guests to use some kind of footwear while swimming, because zebra mussels and other objects can cause unwanted scrapes.

The Meritage provides a boat hoist, and we’ll help you find a boat for rent if you’d like to hit the water.  Keuka Lake offers a variety of fish, and our guests often enjoy casting a line.

We provide several life jackets, and there’s plenty of room to bring your rafts - or even a kayak!


Defying logic, it does rain on occasion in the Finger Lakes.  But we actually enjoy it - the sight of a storm rolling across Keuka Lake can be breathtaking!  Of course, that can threaten outdoor plans, but you’ll find plenty of things to enjoy indoors at The Meritage.

It’s hard to beat a good book, and we’ve got a wide selection to choose from.  We also have a variety of family and board games.  And the wireless internet can serve business or casual interests.

Our main television has a DVD player and it also is equipped with a DVR (just like TiVo).  Keep in  mind that we’d love to help plan events or day trips.  Even if it rains, an indoor wine tasting overlooking the lake is a great way to spend a morning, afternoon, or evening.


If you love wine - or if you enjoy a glass on occasion and you want to learn more - the Finger Lakes is second only to California in wine quality in the United States.  Nearly a hundred wineries populate the lakes, and Keuka Lake is home to some of the best, biggest, and friendliest vineyards in the region.

When you stay at The Meritage, we’ll provide a detailed, winery-by-winery review and guide, personally made after our many experiences!  The Meritage is two miles south of our favorite winery, Keuka Spring, which boasts a stunning view and a variety of high-quality wines.  Start there, and take an unforgettable journey in any direction you choose.

We always provide our guests with a bottle of wine to start their week, and it always comes from a local winery.  It’s our way of giving you a taste and an idea of what the wine trail has to offer - we love selecting a new bottle for each of our guests!

You’ll also find a small wine fridge to help store some bottles if you have a productive wine tour!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering - The Meritage is named after a blended wine.

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